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Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Monsanto – “The U.S. Should Have the Right to Label GMO!”

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The presidential candidate for food democracy is Bernie Sanders. Sanders was one of the first and few politicians fighting to pass a bill that would require GMO labeling.

Bernie Sanders is leading the food democracy revolution. He is no stranger to fighting corporate giants and corrupt governments. He continues to stand up to the Monsanto machine that has successfully lobbied Washington and shut down multiple bills that would require GMO labeling on genetically modified food products.

“…all over Europe, we’ve got dozens and dozens of countries which do label GMO products. We should be able to do that in the United States as well, ” said presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“I think all over this country, people want to know the quality of the food they’re eating and what they’re giving to their kids is good quality. We just don’t know all that much about genetically modified food, ” said Sanders.

“I believe that when a mother goes to the store and purchases food for her child, she has the right to know what she is feeding her child. It’s no mystery why Monsanto would fight people’s right to know. Clearly, they have a lot to protect,” Sanders has also said.

The Senator from Vermont was one of the first and few politicians fighting to pass a bill that would require GMO labeling. It would have given states the ability to require labeling so that they don’t have to fight for it, state by state, through propositions on the ballot. “…my amendment was a pretty conservative amendment. It said in states like Vermont and Connecticut and other states where legislatures are voting for labeling on food products that have GMO product, let them go forward.”

Sanders’ amendment was defeated 71 to 27 in the Senate, even though 93 percent of Americans want GMOs labeled.

Bernie explained, “Monsanto and other companies are saying states can’t do it. It is a federal prerogative. My amendment said if California, Vermont, Connecticut, other states want to go forward, they should have the right.”

Many European countries have already adopted GMO labeling laws, including Scotland which even went as far as to ban GMO crops. And Germany just announced that they will stand up for food democracy and ban GMOs as well.

Vermont is the first state in the nation to require GMO labeling. After fighting off a legal challenge from Monsanto, Vermont will implement its labeling law next year starting on July 1st, 2016.

“I am very proud that Vermont is taking the lead in a growing national movement to allow the people of our country to know what is in the food they eat. GMO labeling exists in dozens of countries around the world and should exist in the United States,” Sanders said.

“I will continue my efforts in Washington, against Monsanto and other multi-national food industry corporations, to pass national legislation on this issue.  In the meantime, it is extremely important that Vermont and other states lead the way,” Sanders said.

“An overwhelming majority of Americans favor GMO labeling but virtually all of the major biotech and food corporations in the country oppose it.” says Sanders. “The people of Vermont and the people of America have a right to know what’s in the food that they eat.”

Law or no law, Whole Foods should be applauded for their commitment to start labeling all genetically modified food by 2018.

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“Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Monsanto – “The U.S. Should Have the Right to Label GMO!””