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Bed For The Night Without ‘Coffin’ Up A Fortune?

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It may measure just 6ft by 3ft, but a special ‘coffin’ for the homeless which appeared in Belfast city comes complete with a charger and radio for those in dire need of shelter.

The box which has a plastic floor, wooden walls and a solar panel has been hailed as a ‘social experiment’ by those who built it.
It was placed on council land in Belfast near Great Victoria Street railway station but it is not known whether it has been used yet.

A sign on the outside reads: ‘Social experiment. Do not remove! You may need it someday? Give peace a chance.’

The homeless ‘coffin slumber box’ is believed to have been erected by community group Common Law Northern Ireland.

It was placed in an area close to where homeless people have been known to gather.

Rector Brian Stewart, of nearby St George’s Church, said: ‘We do quite a bit with the homeless but this has nothing to do with us.’

Carpenter Mr Colin Fitzmaurice from Slane in County Meath, is now planning to built a similar unit to be used in Dublin.

He said: ‘I think they’re a great idea and would be very simple to and relatively cheap to make.’

A Belfast City Council spokesperson said: ‘We cannot comment on this issue because it is not a Belfast City Council initiative. We are aware that it has been placed there and are currently investigating who owns it.’

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“Bed For The Night Without ‘Coffin’ Up A Fortune?”