Autonomo 2030 [Autonomous Mobility]

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Developed by Charles Rattray, a young American student, the Autonomo is a vehicle project designed to respond to the different challenges currently faced by the automotive industry and mobility in general.

It aims to imagine the car of the future and to provide solutions for the questions being asked in large global metropolises such as Los Angeles. Its principal sources of inspiration are biomimetics, artificial intelligence, new information technologies and, finally, sustainable development and mobility.

The Autonomo’s central system is “drive-by-wire”: with electronic components replacing mechanical ones, allowing the possibilities offered by the complexity of computer hardware to be fully explored.

New technologies in the service of sustainable mobility

Thanks to this innovation, the Autonomo constantly records and interprets the data that it receives. And it does this by combining various technological advances such as 3D or even contact sensors.

The Autonomo is thus fitted with an on-board computer that not only automatically carries out the different actions appropriate for driving but also acts and anticipates depending on its immediate environment.

We find Autonomo particularly interesting as it integrates all the issues of sustainable mobility. Firstly, by considering the problems of congestion and overcrowding: with its futuristic design, the Autonomo is a small vehicle. It has capacity for one or two people, with room for luggage.Its sensor system allows it to synchronise with other Autonomos, thus considerably improving traffic and parking conditions.

Finally, the Autonomo is designed for reduced energy consumption. Its structure uses nanotechnology: two photovoltaic layers store solar energy that an ultra-sophisticated battery then converts into electricity! This same electricity will then be used in order to supply the vehicle.

Is Autonomo just the dream of an enthusiastic student or a genuinely feasible project? The answer is in the hands of potential investors.

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“Autonomo 2030 [Autonomous Mobility]”