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Anonymous No More: SABU The Hacker WALKS – Forever Changing The Elusive and Secret Hacking Landscape

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Can I get a deal like Sabu?

This will be the cry of future hackers after hearing of the lenient punishment handed down to Hector Xavier Monsegur, known also by the online pseudonym Sabu. Monsegur is an American computer hacker and co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec.

As a quick overview, let’s travel back to 2011 when Sabu and Lulzsec group spear headed a series of mind bending hacks. It seemed no one was safe as he laid waste to credit-card companies, Sony Music, and multiple media outlets.

His true fame erupted in late 2012 when news of his June, 2011 arrest were released. Sabu had plead guilty to a number of lesser charges and then surprise the world when he turned informant. Hordes of Worshiping hacktivist were shocked.

Moreover and to the point of “Sabu” gaining popularity, Netflix decided to showcase “Sabu” as the character Gavin Orsay in the award winning “House Of Cards”. Further causing anguish to the very secretive hacker community.

The problem in real life? Monsegur turned on the very people that worked for him. Many of the ‘hacks” he ordered, orchestrated and even participated in are the same hacks that were recorded, recovered and used as testimony to entrap and imprison fellow hackers; Mustafa Al-Bassam & Jeremy Hammond.

As Monsegur walks free and serves Hammond serves 10 years and Al-Bassam serves 20 months and 300 community hours.

If there is an issue what is it? Will this change the hacker community landscape? Perhaps it will cause a never before seen series on turn coats that will start to emerge in this elusive community. And who’s to blame for this possible change? Monsegur, the FBI or the fellow hackers? That is a mixed bag statement / question. Law enforcement agencies always walk a fine line between gathering intel and entrapment, hackers have always been a tight nit, quite and secretive group, one that typically has a “damn the man” attitude.

There is no doubt that this will help the law enforcement community, hackers turning on hackers can not and will not be good. While some hackers are destructive, many will change the world into a better place. And this better world will not emerge if world leaders and world law enforcement branches convince this elusive world to turn on each other.


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“Anonymous No More: SABU The Hacker WALKS – Forever Changing The Elusive and Secret Hacking Landscape”