Activists Around The World Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

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Global Speak Out Day: Activists in 33 cities throughout 21 countries around the world will join together to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay human rights crackdown in an international event sponsored by All Out. The events, planned just ahead of this week’s G-20 summit.

From Budapest to Barcelona, from Dublin to Los Angeles, and from New York City to Naples, activists are asking world leaders to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to repeal his anti-gay laws at the G-20.

“Dozens of organizations have endorsed the Global Speak Out including GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, Truth Wins Out, Human Rights Foundation, Queer Nation NY, RUSA LGBT, Peter Tatchell Foundation, Human Rights Foundation, and many others,” All Out noted in a statement:.

“The call for Putin to stop his anti-gay and anti-Russian crackdown has gone global,” Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-Founder of All Out said. “Organizers in at least 33 cities and 21 countries have gathered today to speak out ahead of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg to make this one of the largest global demonstrations for gay rights and human rights in history.”

“Putin is breaking the law. The anti-gay laws violate Russia’s own constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Declaration on Human Rights. People from around the world and their leaders are obligated to demand accountability,” Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-Founder of All Out continued. “If we allow Putin to undermine basic freedoms for gay and lesbian Russians, we accept the destruction of these freedoms for all Russians – gay and straight. Putin is bound by law to protect human rights for every Russian citizen.”

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“Activists Around The World Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws”