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A Ton of Tech Companies Just Came Out Against Net Neutrality

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More than 60 huge tech companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, and IBM have written a letter to leaders in Congress and the FCC opposing net neutrality. The free and open internet isn’t going to happen without a fight.

In an effort to implement net neutrality regulations that would stand up to legal scrutiny, President Obama has proposed that broadband internet be classified as a utility under Title II of the telecommunications act. It’s a smart proposal that ultimately favors consumers, and it’s supported by slews of companies like Google and Facebook. Obviously, the companies that own the infrastructure—Comcast, AT&T, et al—oppose the idea because they want to be able to charge money for internet fast lanes. These companies also wield a lot of influence.

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“A Ton of Tech Companies Just Came Out Against Net Neutrality”