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A Retired Firefighter Reinvented The 100-Year-Old Fire Hydrant

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George Sigelakis, cofounder of Sigelock Systems who was a New York City firefighter for 15 years, has created a better mouse trap or in this case a better fire hydrant. The name of the redesign is the Sigelock Spartan.

This change came about for 2 reasons.
1) The old cast iron units are starting fail from decades of use. Cast Iron rusts and many are springing leaks. – His units are made from different rust resistant alloys like stainless steel and they are protective coated.

By the way the last redesign on the hydrant happened over 100 years ago.

2) Old hydrants are too easy to open! – His new unit requires a special tool and over 3000lbs of force.

The price? Starting at ,700

Who wants one?

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“A Retired Firefighter Reinvented The 100-Year-Old Fire Hydrant”