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42,800 gallons of fracking fluid boiled over — spewing into the streets, sewers and streams of Arlington Texas.

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In the incident, 42,800 gallons of fracking fluid — boiling up from thousands of feet underground — spewed into the streets and into Arlington storm sewers and streams. A series of video recordings obtained by News 8 shows the scene behind the walls of a fracking site 600 feet from a cluster of homes in the state’s seventh largest city.

100 homes in Arlington had to be evacuated as fracking fluid spilled out of a drilling site onto the city streets.

“Clearly there was a release of unpermitted materials into the stormwater system,” said Arlington Fire Chief Don Crowson

the drilling company mishandled the spill.

According to the report, Vantage Energy first contacted 911 nearly two hours after fracking water first started to spill. What’s more, the call to 911 came not from the site, but from corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania.

“This is unacceptable behavior,” said City Council member Robert Rivera. “The citizens of Arlington do not appreciate the lack of ability to control the site.”

The official cause of the spill at a site adjacent to Lake Arlington Baptist Church is listed as equipment failure. Vantage Energy was issued a citation and has agreed to reimburse the city 4,000.

But this was not included in the city’s report: Records uncovered by News 8 of another 1,500-gallon spill at the same site one month earlier.

Arlington Resident Kim Feil said the two incidents one month apart reinforce her fears that drilling so close to homes is not safe.

“I just assumed this was a residential area and it would be free from industrial hazardous operations,” Feil said. “Now we see it’s not.”


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  • Seabreezes1

    Question: Why am I just hearing of this a month later? Why hasn’t this prompted a national media storm over the inherent dangers of fracking to our water supply?

    Answer: Could it be that the media isn’t reporting things that could upset corporations because of political and financial implications?

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    • Seabreezes1

      #NBS #ABC #CBS #FOX #CNN Get a clue.

      Intelligent citizens do not want endless weather reports of storms or another interview with someone tangential to an act of violence.We want to know about things that affect our health, our food, and our water! These are the real life and death issues. We are ALL being poisoned slowly by corporations who are with governmental assistance adding poisons to our food and water…… that’s the story.

      • Robyn Ryan

        But weather reports fill airtime and are cheap to produce! About 50% of all local broadcast news is weather. Hmmmm…..

    • Your1Friend

      Thanks for your astute comments.

    • Joyce Hogi

      Because big money is behind all the fracking activity in this country!

  • Kim Triolo Feil

    disclaimer: I made those comments on my own and did not represent my group, Liveable Arlington, whose name represents it’s goal. If you want the real pics of the boiling water event, visit my site here…

  • namastepeaceful

    Why is there do date on this article..??

    • Souris

      No date and no references. I’m sorry I can’t share it.

  • Elly

    Please date your stories or I can’t share. thanks

    • Robyn Ryan

      We are getting savvy, aren’t we? Molding our own standards.

      • Tom Thomson

        Its a fair point. I also have no idea when these stories are coming out or if its just recycled news.

  • mudshark12

    Posted on 4/15/15, updated on 4/17/15 in Arlington, Texas. 42,800 gallons of Toxic fracking fluid boiled up from underground, 100 homes in Arlington had to be evacuated as fracking fluid spilled out of a drilling site onto the city streets. For more info see ~

  • Peter Amodio

    Anyone at all curious as to what the chemicals are?

    • Bob Kalkman

      People say “toxic”, but I can’t get one person to state one known toxic chemical known to be in this fluid.

      • gcunningham

        i believe the state may not require the fracking businesses to disclose the chemicals they use.

  • Mike Lavender

    No, it’s not funny. To all the folks (in Texas) who voted for the current crop of Gov. and Legislators. Your legislature worked overtime to protect these guys. They’ve virtually made it impossible to stop drilling or any other activity, even if the city (see Denton) votes to stop the drilling. The Texas Railroad Commission, (same flavor of folks) allows pipeline companies to put a pipeline virtually anywhere they want (yes, your front yard by issuing eminent domain statue on the basis of the company’s say-so. The Texas GOP isn’t your friend, Texans. Next time, at least vote for someone who cares about you, not the next campaign contribution.

  • Bob Kalkman

    (a question I always have and can never get answered) what is in this fracking fluid? People have commented “toxic fracking fluid” – could any one of those people state one chemical known to be in this fracking fluid that is toxic? Hard for me to be anti-fracking without any FACTS of toxicity….

  • Pith_n_Vinegar

    Gee, I didn’t think it was allowed to say anything negatory about fracking in Tejas.

  • Killrog

    I’m sorry high and mighty americans seems you’re a lot more like China than your news admits.

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“42,800 gallons of fracking fluid boiled over — spewing into the streets, sewers and streams of Arlington Texas.”