100,000 South Koreans Protest Election Scandal, Labor Clampdown

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A series of different protests as well as a mass strike organized by labor groups rocked South Korea on December 28, 2013.

From noon till late at night, about 100,000 citizens and labor workers angrily demonstrated against the current government’s election manipulation scandal and clampdowns on labor groups as well as moves toward privatization of the nation’s railway system, though the administration denies such claims. Some observers are calling the outbreak of demonstrations proof that public anger has nearly “reached its boiling point”.

Although it failed to reach its goal of one million participants, more than 100,000 were reported to be present till late afternoon. Although police estimate the total number barely reached 20,000, some disputed the number by pointing out that 13,000 riot police were mobilized for the event.

Learn more here http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/12/28/photos-100000-south-koreans-protest-election-scandal-labor-clampdown/

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“100,000 South Koreans Protest Election Scandal, Labor Clampdown”