"The reasonable people adapt themselves to the world; the uprisers persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves. Therefore, all progress depends on the uprisers."

- Adapted from a quote by George Bernard Shaw

UPRISER // the evolution of revolution

UPRISER is a social collaboration network for entrepreneurs, disruptive innovators and change-agents with gamified crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and X-prize like bounties. UPRISER provides the online infrastructure startups, coworking spaces, and free-agents need to discover shared interests, form powerful teams, raise money and spinup initiatives fast.

The Roundtable for Revolutionaries

Concord, Massachusetts: Where the American Revolution started, another one is beginning. From social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to disruptive innovators and digital activists – all share a common bond – the insatiable desire to change the world for the better. We are coming together to collaborate on a new platform designed to collaborate on a scale never before seen and to coordinate massive positive change. The revolution starts on UPRISER.com

UPRISER aims to unite the eclectic passions of change-agents, disruptive innovators, entrepreneurs rebels, visionaries and pioneers worldwide by offering a platform to make good ideas great - and great ideas happen.™

While viral amplification of ideas depends heavily on people’s vanity and willingness to be seen sharing something (often resulting in a glut of shallow silly memes, drowning out deeper more pivotal ideas). UPRISER, on the other hand, employs anonymous democratic voting and amplification so important ideas and messages get the attention they deserve. You don’t need to have a big following to be heard, you just need the right idea at the right time.

UPRISER is the brainchild of thought-leader and activist Garret John LoPorto along with Internet activist Gregg Housh. Angel funded by German high-tech tycoon Christoph Bertsch of Bertsch Innovation Group. Involved as adviser is Richard Goodwin, (the investigator the Academy Award nominate Robert Redford film "Quiz Show" was based on), former speechwriter for John F. Kennedy and U.S. liaison to Che Guevara.

What happens when you bring millions of change-agents, innovators and entrepreneurs together? We’re about to find out.

Meet the UPRISER visionaries

Garret John LoPorto "the beginning is near."

Garret John LoPorto, a thought-leader and media-artist known for his Internet activism, his viral speeches and music videos which have had over 6 million views in the last year alone, as an inspirational speaker, and an expert in neurodiversity and the psychology behind disruptive innovation. LoPorto authored two books on the psychology of disruptive innovation.

Gregg Housh behind Guy Fawkes mask

Gregg Housh is a digital revolutionary who is well known for his pioneering involvement in Internet activism, the group Anonymous, and many high profile global actions over the last 5 years. His work has included coordinating global demonstrations against human rights abuses in the Church of Scientology and assisting Iranian members of the Green Movement in reaching the global media. He has used his access to many online and real life movements to spread their messages throughout the media.

Richard Goodwin advising John F. Kennedy

Richard Goodwin famous whistleblower and investigator whom the feature film Quiz Show was based on, served as special advisor and speechwriter for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, acted as a U.S. liaison with Che Guevera, and fought for social justice by working to pass the civil rights act, the voting rights act and Medicare.

When he felt that the misguided Vietnam War was draining the attention and resources that should be focused on domestic issues, he resigned his position in the White House, standing up to power during a time of great turmoil and unrest. Richard Goodwin has been acting as an adviser and mentor for this UPRISER initiative.

Christoph Bertsch Our Angel investor. 38-year-old self-made high-tech entrepreneur 
and Investor with 17 successful companies and over 800 employees.